How to Repay a Loan If There is No Money?

Repay a Loan

The main thing here is not to let the situation take its course. It is naive to think that the lender will forget about the loan. Interest, fines, penalties - everything will be charged regularly, and the debt will grow like a snowball. We will talk about how to resolve this situation without the courts.

What Are the Possible Ways Out of the Situation?

What to do if there is no money to repay the loan? Come to the bank and talk about the situation. The sooner you do this, the better. You regularly repay the loan. The time of the next payment has not come up yet, but something happened, and you understand that difficulties cannot be avoided. Come to the bank and tell about it.

Take the documents with you to confirm your words. Have you lost your job? Take a work record or a certificate in the personnel department. Have you been sick ? Ask your doctor to give you an official document proving your words. It’s not a fact that this will help, but without this the lender is unlikely to listen to you at all.

Then there are two ways out of the situation, if you solve it peacefully.

Refinancing a loan can help if the bank does not agree to restructure or when its conditions are unacceptable to you. But it only makes sense when the conditions for a new loan are better than the current one.


Refinancing can alleviate the problem, but will not solve it. You will have to pay the loan back. Refinancing is also sometimes used to combine several loans into one.